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How To Learn SEO Meta Tags in Urdu

SEO is turning into the popular searched term on the web and particularly individuals hunt for increasing blog/site guests. however SEO has unlimited choices to use and additionally to use properly. Google Mama forever advises the webmasters to browse their webmaster tools quality tips and terms. Ok, lets come back to the subject. these days i'm would tell you regarding SEO Meta Tags in Urdu, that is a vital part of SEO. Meta Tags square measure primarily Special markup language tags that square measure wont to describe the content of an online page or a web site. they're being employed by each webmaster to extend traffic for a diary. Meta Tags is used on the most page further as on an individual basis on single pages, however we have a tendency to simply apply them on the most page as a result of virtually each platform has the only post description choice, or they supply tools to put in writing description for every post. we will describe our site’s Keywords, Description & Author name by mistreatment meta tags and to inform search engines regarding our site’s content.

                    SEO Meta Tags in Urdu

Meta Tags area unit utilized in hypertext markup language document simply once beginning  tag. and also the syntax of victimisation Meta Tags in hypertext markup language document is following:

<meta name=”description” content=”Your Blog Description Goes Here“>
<meta name=”keywords” content=”Your Blogs Keywords Goes Here“>

the third meta tag is optional , as a result of it's regarding the author of the webpage, however it's uncalled-for. when together with meta tags in Your web log or website, you'll see a growth in Your site’s traffic terribly shortly. Below article regarding SEO Meta Tags is in Urdu.

As I earlier mentioned that if you're employing a platform like or WordPress then you'll be able to notice the one post search description meta tag in your dashboard, conjointly you'll be able to write the meta description and keywords for the house page furthermore. however what if you have got solely a static hypertext mark-up language &amp; CSS web site, therefore thus, this can be terribly straightforward to implement meta tags on all quite websites. keep Tuned and share this post together with your friends.
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