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Remove Subscribe to Post (Atom) in Blogger

In Blogger default templates, there's a link particularly “Subscribe to: Post (Atom)” that seems below each post generally at left aspect or at center. It conjointly seems on Blog’e home page. By clicking this link a traveler will purchase your RSS feeds. however rather than this unnatural link, there square measure several alternative impressive ways in which to allow traveler the chance to purchase your web log feeds.

Mostly individuals, particularly new blogger users dislike this link. they require to create their web log a lot of stunning and glossy. thus and thus, they require to get rid of this link as quickly as they notice an answer for it. There square measure several tricks are shared on the web regarding this issue. however the one I’m getting to share, is that the easiest way to get rid of this link from your web log. Let’s currently return straight over the method.

How to Remove Subscribe to: Post (Atom) Link on Blogger?

You can take away this link by exploitation several tricks, however this can be the best & fastest technique, as a result of by exploitation this technique we are going to simply hide it from your diary by employing a CSS property. You’ll need to add only one single CSS line to your blog’s sheet of paper and that’s all. currently follow the steps to try to to this:

  • Log-in to your blog
  • Template >> Edit HTML
  • Search For this code ]]></b:skin> (tip: Use CTRL+F)
  • Now Just above/before ]]></b:skin> insert following code
.feed-links { display:none !important; }

Save your templet and examine your. Feed Atom link now not be there.

You may have regarding|questions on|questions about} this tutorial or about this diary, write them below in comment section. additionally sharing this post with friends may be a peanut for me!!! keep Amazing!

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